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"[Due Process is] one of the big problems standing in the way of lawmakers..." Sen. Joe Manchin, Democrat-West Virginia

"As an information-collection tool, the watch list lacks all of the features that Due Process requires before the government can deprive an American of rights: namely, notice, a neutral arbiter, the ability to confront witnesses and examine evidence, a reasoned decision and the ability to appeal.
"Linking the watch list to the deprivation of a constitutional right is obviously, heinously and stupidly unconstitutional. So of course the Democrats want to do it,"

Sen Joe's comment amounts to high treason against the Constitution, which he swore an oath to uphold and defend. Due process stands in the way of a lot of things government could do: put drug dealers in jail, shoot people on site for suspicion of a crime, torture, etc. That is exactly the point of Due Process, to stand in the way so that only provably bad people are put away, and not someone that upset the cousin's brother's friend of the Official.

The thing that separates us from NAZIs is Due Process. Anyone who wants to actively undermine Due Process is essentially advocating a Fascist NAZI takeover.

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