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Configuration of Mordred This system used to be an XT that I set up just for fun.  It hasn't actually been on my network for years.  The name has been taken over by a newer system that may begin to play a role in research here.  In that state it will be the target for Tiger Team exercises.  In that role the operating system will be reloaded frequently with various configurations and faux roles so that different attack and defense scenerios can be explored.

Real Configuration

Case - Desktop
CPU - Dual Intel PentiumPro 200 Mhz
MB - Dell Optiplex GXPro
RAM - 256 MB
Display - Matrox Millenium II
Network - Built in

  4.3 GB Fujitsu IDE

Operating System

Historic Configuration

Case - Desktop
CPU - Intel 8088 4.77 Mhz
RAM - 640 KB
Leading Edge Mono/Color Enhanced Graphics
3Com 503
5.25" 360 KB Floppy

Operating Systems
DOS 5.0