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OMFG!  WTF is wrong with this country?  I saw this ad on TV the other day about how 911 left 3500 dead, and *every month* ALCOHOL leaves 8000 dead, so we should declare war on it.  My parents lived through the freak era of prohibition, and they can tell you what idiocy that brought forth on this nation.  Things such as organised crime.  Is that where this add is going?  Wouldn't it be great for some ultra right religious fucks to take us back to the bad old days of smuggling and machine gun fights?  I know most people are way too dumb to remember anything more than about 10 days ago, but some of us out here remember back a little farther.  I "remember" how prohibition didn't work.  It's the biggest reason I stand for the de-criminaliztion of so-called illicit drugs.  If we want to limit the spread of such things try education.  If people know what the truth is about something (good as well as bad) they can choose whether to do it.  If they die because they do it in spite of the risks then oh, well.  Darwin.  But spending Billions of dollars putting the populace in jail is a dumb idea.  Dumb in the 20s and 30s.  Dumb now.  Dumb in the future.  Why haven't we declared war on old age?  It kills 8,000,000 people per month.  I could go on and on about things that kill thousands each month.  That's the thing about statistics and 6 BILLION people on the earth.  A lot of things kill thousands every month.  I'm sure malaria, hunger, war, AIDS, the flu, car wrecks, heart disease, ladders, water, heat, cold, tse tse, very small rocks, churches, and about 10,000 other things all kill thousands each month.  I guess what I'm trying to say here is "don't respond to emotional hand waving when someone is trying to trick you into changing the world.  THINK FOR YOURSELF.  Analyse information.  Don't be a lamb.  You're a fucking human.  Act like one.


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Get your A.C.M.E. Weapons of Mass Destruction!

Why does the word Guantanamo remind me so much of the word Gestapo?  Oh, yeah!  Because the place is run by Nazis.  Just a thought that occured to me while watching Dr. Noam Chomsky lecture at MIT.  College towns have neat local TV.