For those of you who might care, here is some stuff about my new place.

First, the floor plan.  The numbers here are rough.  They are as much as a few inches off.  I didn't spend a lot of time making this.  I just wanted to give people a feeling for how the place looks.  Some of you are invited to come check it out.  (The people I know.)
Floor plan

Also, some interior perspective views.
Entering and looking slightly left 
Entering and looking ahead
Standing to left of door and looking toward center
Moving farther in and left while looking more toward center
Standing in corner and facing center
Entering the kitchen looking slightly left There is actually a microwave above the stove, but I couldn't get the software to do that.
Entering the kitchen looking slightly right The counter is all the same, unlike the dark area by the stove in this view.  Also microwave missing.
In kitchen looking through to living room Also microwave missing.
Standing in living room and looking into kitchen
Looking into office The desk is conceptual only.  It's really an oak top on top of two tall computers that are the same height.  It makes a good computer desk for now.
Standing at desk and looking into closet
Standing outside office looking toward bedroom
Standing in corner of bedroom looking toward shelves, closet, and bath  This picture is slightly wrong.  The bathroom is more blocked by the 45° wall, and the door is a double door french style, but the software wouldn't let me draw either of these.
Standing at foot of bed looking toward bath  This picture is also wrong.  The counter and cabinets at the basin extend into the 45°, but the software wouldn't let me draw a cabinet with that shape.