Speaking about global markets and the welfare of peoples, the so-called left-liberal economist Paul Krugman has this to say:

"These improvements have not taken place because well-meaning people in the West have done anything to help -- foreign aid, never large, has lately shrunk to virtually nothing. Nor is it the result of the benign policies of national governments, which are as callous and corrupt as ever. It is the indirect and unintended result of the actions of soulless multinationals and rapacious local entrepreneurs, whose only concern was to take advantage of the profit opportunities offered by cheap labor. It is not an edifying spectacle; but no matter how base the motives of those involved, the result has been to move hundreds of millions of people from abject poverty to something still awful but nonetheless significantly better."

What we have here is a stark admission that all the so-called liberal legislative action for the betterment of all has accomplished exactly zero to help the people of the world and that rather the only thing that has helped developing workers has been <gasp, he admits it> the free market of raw capitalism.

If you think I am anti-liberal, so-called, you are wrong.
If you think I am conservative, so-called, you are wrong.
These are labels that some people use to divide us and villify the other camp. I am against leaning on the power of government to force others to act as one believes. In the end the only winners are those who would use that power to their own ends: government. This does not mean I am anti-government, we need some of it to prevent a 'Mad Max' dystopian hell. We just have to realise that everything we give them we have taken away from ourselves and are therefore diminished as individuals and as mankind.