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Configuration of Merlin This is the file server for my network. It used to have a 60 GB IDE IBM drive in it, but it turns out that these were pretty unreliable. I feel that I did very well with mine to get something like 4 years of 24/7 operation out of it.  After some trials with a Promise 20375 DMA133 IDE card I ended up with a CMD649 DMA100 card instead.  That has worked well for me while the Promise was giving me kernel panics after a couple weeks of uptime.  Now I'm trying to use that same Promise card in my main workstation since it gets rebooted fairly often, and otherwise it is only DMA33 for the DMA100 drives in it.  So far this hasn't gone very well either.  I think this card should be limited to toy OSs, or trash cans.

  Full Tower Case
  CPU - AMD FX-8350
  MB - SuperMicro 370DDE
  RAM - 32GB
  Stealth II
  Intel EE Pro 10/100 PCI

 3x 2 TB SATA as RAID 5

Operating Systems
  Linux 2.6